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Pommel Horse


Cuts Drill Pommel Horse


Straddle the legs sideways as wide as possible throughout the swing. The upper body stays upright throughout the swing. Hips are in, do not support a hollow body position. The straight body is moving in a front plane without any deviations. When gymnast lifts the left leg, the left arm pushes the left pommel and the center of gravity moves onto the right pommel/arm. Vice versa with the right leg lift.

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Cuts Drill Pommel Horse

Back Swing Hop

The starting position is with one leg in front of the horse and one leg behind the horse. In the up swing, the same hand as the leading leg pushes back on the pommel and makes a hop. The body remains on the opposite arm supported by the second pommel. In the downswing, the hands regrip the pommel and in the opposite upswing the gymnast performs the same action viceversa.

Cuts Circles Drill Pommel Horse

Swings, Upperarm Support Parallel Bars

The starting position is in upper arm support, with the legs open wide sideways. The gymnast performs pendulum swings left and right, with an exact straight body and wide open legs.

Cuts Drill Pommel Horse

Cut-in Cut-back, Upperarm Support Parallel Bars

This is very similar to the previous drill, except an obstacle like a barrel or block should be placed underneath the gymnast. The athlete should perform swings and cuts. The obstacle should not be higher than the bottom of the upper body.

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