Gym Drill Pro - Gymnastics Skill Drills for Professionals

USAG Men's

Level 4

Level 4


1. Lift arms and kick leg up, step forward to lunge.
2. Kick to handstand.
3. Straight arm forward roll, jump hurdle to cartwheel, cartwheel with 1/4 turn to stand.
4. Tucked backward roll to straight or hollow body extended front support.
5. Lower to arch support with toes pointed and head up, lift to straddle stand with head up and arms extended.
6. Straddled press to headstand.
SB#1:Straddled press to handstand with momentary hold.
7. Forward roll, tuck jump to stand.
8. Run, hurdle, round-off, rebound to stand.
SB#2: Run, hurdle, round-off, back handspring, rebound to stand.

Pommel Horse Mushroom

1. One double leg circle.
SB#1: Two double leg circles.
SB#2: Two double leg circles.
2. ½ double leg circle with ¼ turn to flank dismount.

Still Rings

1. From straight arm hang, pull up to flexed arm hang (head between rings) with momentary hold.
2. Lower to straight arm hang, lift knees to hanging tuck position hold for 2 seconds.
SB#1: Replace #2 with lower to straight arm hang, lift legs to hanging “L” hold for 2 seconds.
3. Shoot legs out, swing backward, swing forward.
4. Swing backward, swing forward.
5. Swing backward, swing forward to straight body inverted hang.
6. Lower legs to piked body inverted hang with momentary hold.
SB#2: Following #6, add extend body to hanging scale rearways (back lever) with momentary hold.
7. Lower to German hang (skin-the-cat) hold for 2 seconds.
8. Release hands and drop to stand.

Vault 20" mats

1. Run: From a maximum distance of 60'.
2. Hurdle: Lift knees upward while body's center of gravity remains level and feet extend forward to contact the springboard in front of the body.
3. Straight jump: punch vertically off the board with straight body.
4. Landing.

Parallel Bars

1. From stand, jump to support swing forward, swing backward.
2. Swing forward to straddled support on bars.
3. Lift legs into a forward straddled “L” with momentary hold.
SB #1: Replace #3 with lift legs into a forward straddled “V” hold for 2 seconds.
4. Bring legs together and extend forward to straight body.
5. Swing backward, swing forward.
6. Swing backward.
7. Swing forward.
8. Swing backward and dismount between the bars/mats or over either bar to stand.
SB #2: Replace #8 with swing backward to handstand with momentary hold and dismount between the bars/mats or over either bar to stand.

High Bar

1. From a still hang in overgrip, hanging ½ turn to mixed grip, change second hand to overgrip.
2. Pullover to support with spotter assistance.
SB #1: Replace #2 with pullover to support WITHOUT spotter assistance Momentary stop in support is allowed.
3. Cast to undershoot forward.
SB #2: Replace #3 with cast to back hip circle to undershoot forward.
4. Swing backward, tap swing forward.
5. Swing backward, tap swing forward.
6. Swing backward and up-rise to hop with both hands, tap swing forward.
7. Swing backward, tap swing forward.
8. Swing backward, tap swing forward.
9. Swing backward to uprise and release hands dismounting to stand.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.