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Pommel Horse


Front loops Pommel Horse

Front Loops

There are many variations of loops on pommel horse. Loops can be performed in the front, side, back, middle of the horse, longitudinally, transversally, with and without pommels. Despite the variety of the loops, there are universal rules which every gymnast should follow:

  • The body should be completely extended, with the chest open at the ¼ and ¾ circle positions;

  • ¼ is important because the circle starts from this position. The performance of this part of the circle will have an effect on the rest of the skill.

  • ¾ is important because at this point the hands will switch their positions and the gymnast should generate continuity of the circle;

  • The circle is a skill, in which all the body muscles should be squeezed, particularly the gluteus muscles, because it helps to maintain the straight body position;

  • The gymnast should emphasize on ¼ pushing the horse in order to give the move direction. They should also emphasize on opening their hips and chest while performing front loops and forward travels (Magyar skills);

  • The gymnast should emphasize on ¾ pushing the horse in order to give the move direction. They should also emphasize on open the hips and chest while performing back loops and travels backward (Sivado skills);

  • The placement of the hands should be even, with an eventual slight counter turn at ¼ in order to prevent the hips from overturning;

  • Having a fast execution of the loops will raise the body higher over the horse, and help the gymnast to perform the skill easier;

  • The gymnast should keep the shoulders erect and the hips straight in order to remain straight and extended.

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Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Back Loop

The gymnast should improve the back loops first without the handles attached. When performing the skill, the gymnast should emphasize on pushing the horse with one hand, while performing the third quarter of the circle.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Loops in the Middle of the Horse

The circle could be performed from standing without pommels, or in a sequence as half of a Magyar. The circle in the middle of the horse should be faster than the regular loops.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Circles on Top Mushroom

Circles on the top of the mushroom raises the surface of the floor and encourages the gymnast to increase the speed of the circle in order to lift their body above the ground and not touch the floor.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Circles on One Pommel

Circles on one pommel decrease the width of the shoulders, this is why the pommel circles are more difficult to perform. Learning of the skill could begin with a bucket. Holding the pommel could be in mixed grip, overgrip, or undergrip. The most common technique is to perform the circle in mixed grip, but overgrip is technically more correct.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Magyar on Pommelless Horse

When the gymnast gets more familiar with all the different types of horse circles, the next step should be to perform a Magyar on a pommelless horse. The gymnast should follow all the technical requirements concerning the correct execution of the circle. During the travel, the body should be in a frontal position with the hands in an even placement.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Magyar between Small Foam Blocks instead Pommels

The Magyar could be performed with small foam blocks or some sort of false pommels. The gymnast should begin with small blocks, and then raise the block height until they are equivalent to the pommels. This drill serves the purpose of learning the Magyar without doing pommel circles.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Front Travel on Small Cheese Block

The gymnast may use a small cheese mat to assist them with learning to raise their body onto the pommel. This helps with the travel as the gymnast will be able to take small steps when compared to the pommel obstacle.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Front Travel on First Pommel

This drill should be performed at first with one pommel. Also, it’s useful to work on it because this skill could be one of the many ways of entering into pommel circles during a routine.

Magyar Drill Pommel Horse

Back Loop on Pommel Horse

When the gymnast is familiar enough with the pommelless back loop, they should move onto back loops with the handles attached.

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