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Floor Exercise


Split Drill Floor

Split with Assistance

The coach can assist by holding the gymnast’s arms. The gymnast should slowly open their legs sideways. The gymnast’s muscles should be relaxed. Both legs should be on one straight line, with their hips directly centered between their legs. A common mistake that gymnasts make during this exercise is bending their arms or pulling down. The gymnast should try to keep their arms completely straight and use the coach’s assistance for balance purposes only.

Split Drills Floor

Laying Body on Floor Split

The gymnast opens their legs laterally and lays on their belly. The legs should be straight, but at the same time, they should be relaxed as much as possible. This will ensure that gravity pushes them downward.

Split Drills Floor

One/Both Legs on Panel Mat Split

The gymnast places their feet on a surface which is higher than the ground. It could be an 8 inch mat, panel mat or another obstacle. This drill helps the split to go beyond 180° and eventually lead to an oversplit. As the gymnast improves the height of the surface can be increased.

Split Drills Floor

Vertical Split

The gymnast sits on one knee. They will then raise the other leg upward whilst keeping it tight. The coach stays behind the gymnast, holds the raised leg and helps the gymnast to extend it up to vertical.

Split Drills Floor

One Leg Split

The gymnast is in a squat position, they places their hands on the floor, one leg is bent, the other leg is tight. The athlete should extend the leg as much as possible.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.