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Front Handsspring Vault

Front Handspring

The gymnast should gradually accelerate as they get closer to the springboard. At the final step of the run, the gymnast should jump onto the springboard. This jump should remain low and long with their arms circling backwards. There should be a strong push from their legs against the board as their arms are swung forward into the take-off. During the flight onto the table, the gymnast’s heels should lift strongly and their arms should reach quickly to make contact with the table. The body should be slightly arched or straight, and should rotate around the hands. The block with the arms and shoulders must occur just before the handstand position. The gymnast’s head should be slightly backwards. The gymnast’s body should remain slightly arched during the flight phase, and the degree of rotation should be controlled by moving the arms upward or to the side. During the landing, the feet should land in front of the body. The gymnast’s legs, hips, and ankles should bend to control the landing.

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Yamashita Drill Vault


The gymnast should begin by laying on their back. They should raise their legs into a vertical position and perform this exercise by only moving their torso and arms. The gymnast should reach with straight arms to touch their toes before returning back to the starting position.

Yamashita Drill Vault

V-sits with Assistance

The coach should hold the gymnast in a vertical position upside down. The gymnast then performs v-sits, raising their torso and touching their feet with their hands. Their arms and legs should be tight.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.