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Roundoff Floor


The Yurchenko vault is a modification of several skills. These are round off, back handspring, and salto backwards. This means that before the gymnast starts learning the Yurchenko vault, they should already have the correct technique for these skills. Chronologically the first skill is round off. The gymnast should do this from standing, or with several steps. The gymnast should start with their hurdle, raising their arms up and opening their shoulder angle. Their back leg should perform a strong kick backward. Their lunge leg should push down on the floor. As they lean forward, they should twist their first hand 1/4 before reaching the floor. The lunge leg follows the back leg, where they should close together by the time the gymnast reaches handstand. At the same time, the gymnast should continue twisting around their first arm until the second hand is placed down. This second hand should be turned an additional 1/4 . Next follows the snapdown. The gymnast’s body should release in hollow, with their arms extended around horizontal. Their head should be between their arms, with their feet in front, ready for a back handspring.

Back Handspring Floor

Back Handspring

The back handspring is a basic skill that is very helpful in teaching acceleration after the round-off. Practice this skill on the floor.

Yurchenko Vault

Hold Stretched Body

The gymnast should lay on their back, and raise their hips off the ground with a tight body. Their arms should by their sides with palms flat on the floor. They should push down on the floor to raise their hips off the ground. The coach should put pressure on the gymnast, pushing down at their hips. The purpose of this drill is to teach the gymnast to hold their body in tight arched position.

Yurchenko Vault

Stretching Shoulders

The gymnast lay on their stomach and raise their tight arms up onto a panel mat (or similar obstacle). The coach should push down on the gymnast’s shoulders.

Yurchenko Vault

Inverted Whipe

Have the gymnast stand in front of a wall or cheese mat. The gymnast should raise their arms and lean their body backwards. They should keep their arms up and arch until their hands touch the surface of the wall or mat. The gymnast should then push back against the mat and return to the starting position. The goal of this drill is to improve the snap down while in an arched position.

Yurchenko Vault

Half Back Handspring Forward Roll

From the floor, have the gymnast jump back onto a mat. When the gymnast reaches the handstand, have them execute a forward roll and stand up. This drill helps to improve the first part of the back handspring, jump back, kick back from the arms, and control of the handstand.

Yurchenko Vault

Roundoff Backhandspring on Cheesemat

The coach should build a platform with a cheese mat attached to flat 8 inch mats. The gymnast should execute a short run, hurdle, and round-off with their hands at the beginning of the cheese mat. The pass continues with the back handspring up the cheese mat. This drill helps the gymnast improve their ability to tumblr on an inclined surface.

Yurchenko Vault

Whipe Backhandspring onto Tumbl Trak

A coach should place 2-3 8 inch mats onto a tumble track to create an elevated surface. The gymnast should perform a snap down on a panel mat, landing on the tumble track. Next they should execute a back handspring onto the mats. To perform this drill, the gymnast should learn the proper technique for a regular snapdown by standing. Emphasize on the snapdown and improving the height of the back handspring in order to finish on the mats. The gymnast should improve their snapdown and general coordination.

Yurchenko Vault

Whipe Backhandspring onto Tumbl Trak with Higher Mat

This is similar to the regular whip back handspring drill, but the coach should begin to add additional mats to increase the height. The maximum height for this drill should be the height of a standard resi mat (32 inches high).

Yurchenko Vault

Whipe Back Handspring onto Tumbl Trak using Table and Minitramp

This is a modification of the regular whip back handspring drill. The snapdown should now be performed on a vault table, with the gymnast landing on a mini trampoline. From here, the gymnast should jump back and execute a back handspring onto the resi mat. This will help the gymnast build a habit of snapping down on the vault table.

Tsukahara Vault

Round-off Rebound

The run up must be slower than most other vaults. There should be a correct alignment in the round-off. The gymnast’s arms should thrust from the floor into a “snap-up” action. This will rotate the body. The gymnast should lift their chest and shoulders upwards, and follow with a strong rebound onto the springboard.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Round-off Salto

The gymnast should increase the speed of their run and execute a salto backwards after the rebound.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Round-off Sit on the Table

It’s important for the gymnast to get familiar with the platform. This next drill includes a vault table or table-trainer. After the rebound onto the springboard, have the gymnast simply sit on the table. This drill can be aided with spotting if necessary.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Round-off Flic on Mat

The gymnast should already have experience with performing a round-off onto the springboard. Do this drill with a relatively longer run. Compare this with previous drills.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Round-off Flic Salto on Mat

In this drill the gymnast already makes a lesser form of all three major skills (round-off, back handspring, and backflip) in a sequence. Put the resi mat at the end of the foam pit with the springboard in front of it. The gymnast should finish the drill with a back handspring onto the mat and a back tucked salto into the pit. This drill will help the gymnast learn each move in the Yurchenko vault.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Round-off Flic Salto on Resi Mat/Parallel block, w/o Springboard

This drill is similar to a regular round-off flic salto onto a mat. The difference is the exclusion of the springboard in this case. The gymnast should perform the round-off on the floor. This should help the gymnast create a more explosive and faster rebound.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Yurchenko in the Pit with Mat

All previous drills were geared at improving one or more moves within the Yurchenko. This drill is designed to allow the gymnast to perform the skill in its entirety, but with a lesser difficulty. The gymnast should execute a moderate run, round-off onto the springboard, back handspring onto the resi mat, a back salto and land in the foam pit.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Yurchenko on Resi Mat/Parallel Block, w/o Springboard

This is similar to the Yurchenko with a mat into the pit, but the springboard should be removed.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Yurchenko in the Pit

When the gymnast obtains enough experience with the previous drills, it’s time to move onto the vault table and perform the skill. For safety reasons, have the gymnast land in a foam pit.

Tsukahara Drill Vault

Yurchenko with Assistance

Spotting the Yurchenko provides safety and confidence for the gymnast. The coach should correct the gymnast’s technique, trajectory, and amplitude with each spot.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.