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Pike Compresssion

Pike Compression

A requirement for a gymnast to perform an Adler is to have sufficient flexibility in their shoulders and pike stretch. Gymnasts should practice their pike stretch frequently to improve their flexibility. When the gymnast is flexible, they can compress their body much better and perform the skill much easier. There are a variety of drills that can be used to help improve a gymnast’s flexibility.

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Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

Inverted L-Grip

Perform the drill with a stick. A variation of the drill could be to have the coach push downward on the stick. As the gymnast improves, they should gradually shorten the distance between the hands.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

L-Grip Handstand on Low Bar

The gymnast can perform this drill from jumping off a panel mat or minitrampoline. Begin this drill with a spotter. Jump in the pike position. When the upper body reaches vertical, raise the legs up to vertical as well. Land flat on the mat.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

L-Grip Stretching with Stick

The gymnast can lean forward. They should take the stick behind their back in under grip, raise the stick until it switches into L-grip. Repeat this drill several times. Gradually shorten the distance between the hands as wrist and shoulder flexibility improves.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

Jem Imitation with Stick

Start the skill in a standing pike position, hold the stick behind the legs with an under grip. Gradually raise the body and the arms until the gymnast stands up completely straight with their arms in an L-grip. Repeat the drill several times in a row.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

L-Grip Handstand Spotting

Perform this drill with a spotter. On the low bar in under grip, the gymnast starts the drill in a Manna position. The coach raises the gymnast to an L-grip handstand.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

Press to Handstand on Low Bar

Start in an L-sit on a low bar with a spotter to help maintain balance. Raise the hips and eliminate any angle of the shoulders. Finish in a handstand.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

Pike Underswings with Straps

Perform this drill with straps. During any of the front or back swings, the gymnast should raise their legs to start the drill. As they move in the opposite direction, they should focus on maintaining a highly compressed pike position during the entire suspension.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

L-Sit Jem

This drill can be done with straps. Start in an L-sit above the bar. Roll forward in a pike position. There should be maximum compression of the pike during the suspension. The circle finishes in a Manna-sit. Next follows the legs whipping and shoulders switching into L-grip.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

Cast Jem

The drill starts from a cast in support. The gymnast should compress their body into a pike position between their arms and perform the Jam.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

Cast Jem Handstand

Perform this drill with one or multiple spotters. They should help the gymnast reach the final handstand position in an L-grip.

Adler / Jem Drill High Bar

Cast Jem Handstand Back Jump

Anticipate the last move and finish slightly before handstand. Body is in a hollow position. Shift the wrists, feel the support onto the rail. Perform the drill with assistance.

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