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High Bar


Hecht Tap Drill High Bar


The most essential skill on high bar is the swing. Almost every skill on this apparatus consists of a front of backswing. That’s why it’s critical for a gymnast’s future to be able to execute a proper swing. The skill starts at the highest point of the backswing. The gymnast should be in a hollow body position with their head neutral. At the bottom of the swing, the gymnast should arch slightly, making a whip. They should then return to the hollow position in the front swing. There are modifications of the tap swing. For example, in a flyaway, the tap should be prior to reaching suspension. If the gymnast needs to accelerate the swing for a giant, the tap may be slightly after the suspension. After the tap the gymnast’s body should continue in hollow until the top of the swing. After this follows the back swing. Until the bottom of the back swing the body should be exactly tight. After the suspension, the gymnast begins to hollow and become slightly piked while they shift their wrists. This prevents them from slipping off while regrasping. The back swing finishes at the very top of the move in the hollow position.

Hecht Tap Drill High Bar


Usually, the routine begins with a Stemme. Push back on the rail and at the same time extend your body from the shoulders and the hips. After that, the move should occur in the opposite direction. Push forward on the rail, adjust the angle of shoulders and slightly pike the body from the hips. Arms are tight with the head in a neutral position. Repeat the move several times. The stemme should be reformed under the bar, w/o any swing forwards or backward.

Hecht Tap Drill High Bar

Hecht Swing with Straps

This drill is performed using straps. The Hecht tap should begin after the gymnast performs a Stemme and should be completed to above handstand (the higher the better). The body should be fully extended until horizontal on the downswing. During the horizontal position in the downswing, the gymnast’s heels should begin to lead the swing with back pressure exerted against the bar from their hands. This will ensure an arched position which should continue until just prior to the bottom of the swing. At this point, the hips should relax, and the body should quickly snap into a hollow position. The upper back and shoulders should briefly lead the swing before the gymnast releases into a second tight arched position. This secondary heel drive shortens the body and creates a turnover dynamic that will accelerate the body towards above handstand. After improving, the next step is Hecht Front Giant in immediate succession.

Hecht Tap Drill High Bar

Stemme, Hecht Swing, up to Handstand

The next step is to perform the Stemme, Hecht exercise mentioned above with grips on.

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