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High Bar


Swing High Bar


The essential skill on high bar is the swing. Almost every skill on this apparatus consists of a front of backswing. That’s why it’s critical for a gymnast’s future to be able to execute a proper swing. The skill starts at the highest point of the backswing. The gymnast should be in a hollow body position with their head neutral. At the bottom of the swing the gymnast should arch slightly, making a whip. They should then return to the hollow position in the front swing. There are modifications of the tap swing. For example, in a flyaway the tap should be prior to reaching suspension. If the gymnast needs to accelerate the swing for a giant, the tap may be slightly after the suspension. After the tap the gymnast’s body should continue in hollow until the top of the swing. After this follows the back swing. Until the bottom of the back swing the body should be exactly tight. After the suspension the gymnast begins to hollow and become slightly piked while they shift their wrists. This prevents them from slipping off while regrasping. The back swing finishes at the very top of the move in a hollow position..

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Half Turn by Standing High Bar

Half Turn by Standing

The starting position is by hanging on the bar with a slight hollow. The gymnast should turn from their toes with their feet together. They should turn around their turning arm. When they finish the half turn, they should grab the bar with their moving arm. They should then regrasp their turning hand from under grip to over grip. Their head should be in the middle position for the entire skill. Repeat this drill several times. The purpose of this drill is to have the gymnast develop the habit of turning with a hollow body from their toes.

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Half Turn Drill High Bar

Hollow Rock Half Turn

The gymnast should lay on their back, extending their arms above their head and straightening their legs with their feet together. They should contract their abs and glutes, keeping their chest rounded. Next, they should lift their shoulders and heels off the floor so that the only thing touching their floor is their buttocks and lower back. The gymnast should rock forwards and backwards maintaining this hollow position, keeping their arms above their head. In the middle of the simulated front swing, the gymnast should start to turn their feet in the desired direction. When the legs reach the highest point of the swing, they should turn over and complete a half turn, finishing in reversed hollow. The purpose of this drill is to teach the gymnast to maintain a hollow body, and turn from their feet.

Half Turn Drill High Bar

Candle-stick Assist

Have the gymnast get into a candlestick position on the floor. The coach should hold the gymnast’s legs and push downwards. This will help improve the gymnast’s ability to keep their body straight.

Half Turn Drill High Bar

Half Turn Trampoline

From standing on the trampoline, the athlete should jump onto their back, raising their arms and legs into vertical. At the moment of the rebound their legs should be leaning slightly back. The gymnast should remain piked. From their feet, the gymnast initiates the turn around their preferred arm. The drill finishes in handstand. During the turn, the turning arm should push down on the trampoline.

Half Turn Drill High Bar

Half Turn on Mats

Place cheese mats onto additional mats next to the bar. The edge of the mat should be in a horizontal line with the bar. During the up-swing the gymnast should turn in front of the mats, finishing on the cheese mat. They should land on their stomach with a hollow body. Emphasize on shifting their turning arm and keeping it straight. This drill will help the gymnast feel more confident about the skill in an easier environment. This will help them learn to shift their wrist in order to push against the bar better. A modification of this drill could be with assistance from the coach.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.