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High Bar


Back Giant High Bar

Back Giant

The giant starts from a handstand. The gymnast is in a slight hollow position. Extending their body from the shoulders down to the bottom. At the bottom of the rotation, they should do a tap swing. If the gymnast wants to accelerate the giant, he/she should perform the tap swing from the bottom and afterward. A later tap yields faster acceleration. During the execution of a regular giant (after the tap swing), the gymnast continues the upward rotation in a hollow position. Simply said the only place in which there is a change in the position of the body is the lower vertical (during the tap performance). In case of acceleration, after the bottom, the gymnast should cut their shoulder angle slightly and aggressively kick upward with their legs from their feet. The body should be in a hollow to a slightly piked position. The giant finishes in a handstand.

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Bridge Floor


Lay on the back. Bend the legs with the feet on the floor. Put the palms on the floor around both sides of the head. Tighten the arms and legs until the body is fully supported with the feet and hands on the floor. The scope is to extend the angle of the shoulders as much as possible. The legs and arms are tight during the execution of the stretch.

Tkachev Drill High Bar

Kick Back with Elastic, Laying Back

Hook the elastic on one of the Swedish wall rails. Grab both ends of the elastic, lay back with the feet in front of the wall. The elastic should be extended, the gymnast should feel the pressure. With straight arms, the gymnast should push back with the elastic and hit the floor. This should be repeated several times.

Tkachev Drill High Bar

Reverse Tap Hecht Straps

Have the gymnast perform a front swing with an early tap. In the front swing the gymnast should push back on the bar and arch their body from their shoulders and hips. Return back with a regular back swing or with a hecht swing.

Tkachev Drill High Bar

Reverse Tap Grips

When the gymnast gains enough experience with the straps, they should move to the actual bar with grips. Start from swings and then eventually move to a giant reverse Hecht.

Tkachev Drill High Bar

Reverse Hecht Release

Perform a front swing with an early tap. During the front swing push back the bar, arch the body from the shoulders and hips in order to execute the release. During the flight open the legs, pass through the straddle, and at the end of the move unite them. Land flat on the belly in the foam pit.

Tkachev Drill High Bar

Reverse Tap on Rings

This is a modification of a Hecht, but done on the rings. Compared to the bar, the rings are not as stable and it creates more potential to improve the coordination.

Tkachev Drill High Bar

Tkachev Move on Tramp

Start the drill on the trampoline with a backward roll. When the arms reach the trampoline, push back strongly on the surface in order to reverse the move. Arch from the hips and the shoulder until the body is completely upright. During the flight, the legs should be cycling through a straddle. The drill finishes when the gymnast reaches the trampoline on their belly.

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