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High Bar


Double Back Dismount High Bar

Double Back

The tuck open double flyaway is a continuation of the evolving tapping and lifting actions described in the layout flyaway section while adding the initiation of the rotation to a double salto. The giant swings leading to the dismount should encourage an increasingly powerful tapping action to bend the bar downward significantly in the hanging phase. A sharp kicking action through the vertical release point on the upward swing should occur as the bar rebounds upward. With correct timing of these actions, an accelerated rotation and vertical lift allows the gymnast to open quickly to a straight position at the peak of the double flyaway. The gymnast may perform the tuck with their hands on or off their knees. Opening to a straight position will stop the rotation of the flip and allow the gymnast to prepare for a controlled landing on the descent. The double layout flyaway utilizes the same lead-ups described above. On release, the body shape is hollow and the shoulders stay down with the head neutral. As the body rotates the first ¼ - ½ of the flip, the athlete has the option to maintain a hollow position or stretch to a tight arch for the remaining rotations to complete the skill and prepare for landing.

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Double Back Full Dismount Drill High Bar

"Open" Double Back Pit

The gymnast should follow all of the techniques required for a standard double back into a foam pit. The only difference in this drill is that the gymnast should stay “open” with their hands off of their legs. This is very important in order to be able to add any twisting.

Double Back Full Dismount Drill High Bar

Double Back Full on Trampoline

In order to complete the double back on the rings, the gymnast should be well coordinated. Part of their technical preparation is to practice on the trampoline and improve the skill into the pit. The gymnast should improve their full in full out, double Arabian, double Arabian with a half turn prior to landing, double back with a full turn in the second flip, and Tsukahara double back with a full twist during the first flip.

Double Back Full Dismount Floor

Double Back Half in the Second Flip Pit

The gymnast should practice their double back with a half turn during the second flip. This can be done into a foam pit. It’s important that the gymnast doesn’t start twisting until the second rotation.

Double Back Full Dismount Drill High Bar

Double Back Full Pit

As the gymnast improves, they can begin to practice the double back full into the pit. As the gymnast improves their twisting, a mat can be added for them to land on.

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