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High Bar


Undershoot Drill High Bar


A candlestick is a shoulder stand position where the gymnast rests on the back of their shoulders with their feet pointed towards vertical. Their arms should remain at their sides. This should be held with an extended, straight body position.

Undershoot Drill High Bar

Undershoot on Low Bar Against the Wall

Place a bar next to a vertical surface. The most common method is to lean mats against a wall (cheese-mats work well). The gymnast should perform an undershoot and finish with their legs on the mat. The gymnast should work on extending their body into a candlestick position. Ensure that this position is straight or slightly hollow, not arched.

Undershoot Drill High Bar

Hollow Rock

The gymnast should lay on their back, extending their arms above their head and straightening their legs with their feet together. Next, they should lift their shoulders and heels off the floor so that the only thing touching their floor is their buttocks and lower back. The gymnast should rock forwards and backwards maintaining this hollow position, keeping their arms above their head.

Undershoot Drill High Bar

Hollow on the Panel Mats

Using two panel mats (or obstacles of similar height), the gymnast should place their feet and shoulders onto each one. Their arms should be extended above their head, and their legs should be straightened with their feet together. The gymnast should hold this position, squeezing their stomach and maintaining the hollow body position.

Undershoot Drill High Bar

Candle Stick on High Bar

The gymnast should put themselves in an inverted hang with their hips touching the bar. Their body should be straight with their chin down. They should squeeze their back and buttocks muscles. This skill should be performed with a hold.

Undershoot Drill High Bar

Candlestick with Assistance

Have the gymnast get into a candlestick position on the floor. The coach should hold the gymnast’s legs and push downwards. This will help improve the gymnast’s ability to keep their body straight.

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