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Parallel Bars


Back Layout with Half Turn Dismount Drill Parallel Bars

Back Tucked Dismount

The back tuck-open salto dismount begins as does any other forward support swing. In this case, the swing begins in the handstand. The bars are loaded by the force of the downswing. As the swing passes through the bottom, the hips should open and the legs should trail slightly as the chest leads through the vertical bottom position. Remaining open through the bottom of the swing will enable a strong forward kick and lift as the body swings through the extended front swing position above horizontal. From here, the body swings upward and the radius of rotation is shortened through bending the knees. The body continues to swing upward and accelerates due to the shortening of the radius by the tucking action. The release of the bars should be triggered by the response of the bars bending. Optimally, this will coincide with the shoulders reaching maximum extension, providing a distinct lift or rise from the bars upon release. The body should extend from the tuck to full stretch at or before horizontal in preparation for the landing.

  • Good posture at the bottom of the swing;

  • Don’t kick too early;

  • Execute the fully extended forward swing prior to tucking the legs to accelerate the rotation;

  • Fully extend the body at horizontal prior to landing;

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Back Layout with Half Turn Dismount Drill Parallel Bars

Back Layout Half on Trampoline

The half twist should be performed first into the pit, then later the gymnast could transition to executing the skill on the trampoline. An indication of the correct performance is if the starting and the landing positions are at the same place, in the middle of the trampoline. This means that the athlete jumps upward and did not lean back from their shoulders at the moment of the rebound.

Back Layout with Half Turn Dismount Drill Parallel Bars

Back Half with Assistance

The coach could assist the gymnast with their performance of the back half. They should spot very similarly to how they would typically spot a standard back layout dismount. The coach should ensure that the gymnast has a high front swing and doesn’t bend their arms.

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