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Parallel Bars


Handstand Floor

Handstand Floor

A handstand involves holding a tight body position in an inverted vertical position, balancing on one’s hands. The most basic form of a handstand involves the arms and legs being completely straight. The feet should remain together, while the hands should be roughly shoulder width apart. This makes balancing easiest when remaining in a stationary position (no walking). During the handstand, the butt and core should be tight, and the head should be in a neutral position, with the eyes watching the hands. It’s very important not to watch the hands with the head back, as this can lead to arching through the entire back. The shoulder angle should be completely straight, and the body should be stretched. As the handstand improves, more difficult modifications of the skill can be performed.

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Handstand Drill Parallel Bars

Handstand Parallets

The handstand on parallettes is a popular drill and station during parallel bar practices. Because the height of the bars is low, the gymnast can focus on the technical execution, and exclude the discomfort of the parallel bar height.

Handstand Drill Parallel Bars

Handstand on Parallets Assistance

The spotter assists the gymnast to hold longer and fixes the proper position of the body during the handstand.

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