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Parallel Bars


Salto Backward Tucked Dismount Drill Parallel Bars


The swing on parallel bars is divided into front and back sections. During the forward portion of the swing, the gymnast should ensure that their body is not piked. As the body approaches the bottom of the swing the gymnast should maintain a slightly arched position from their chest. At this point the gymnast should kick their heels behind them, creating a slight arch in their body. Correct execution of the swing technique at the bottom generates a powerful forward and upward motion. As the gymnast’s swing gets higher and they begin to reach handstand, their body should become straight.

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Salto Backward Tucked Dismount Drill Parallel Bars

Drill on Resi Mat

Mount the mats at the height of the parallel bars. During the front swing, the gymnast should land on the mats. You can add a cheese mat on the top.

Salto Backward Tucked Dismount Drill Parallel Bars

Dismount with Assistance

With one hand the coach should hold the gymnast from their upper back. With the other hand, the coach should help push their power back and upward. They should help the gymnast to flip as well as redirecting them away from the rails.

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