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Parallel Bars


Diomidov Drill Parallel Bars


This skill starts with a handstand. From support, the gymnast begins to turn the hips in front of the bar. Around the horizontal position in the front swing, the body should be turned ¼ and the straight body should be supported on one arm. The leading arm pushes away from the bar in order to raise the body up to the one arm handstand. Before reaching the handstand, the arm blocks the bar and hops. During the release, the body turns another ¼ and finishes the skill on both bars in a handstand. The gymnast should emphasize on pushing away with one arm up to the handstand. This is the main move which helps the gymnast to finish the skill in a handstand.

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Diomidov Drill Parallel Bars

Diomidov Assistance

Spotting the Diomidov is an efficient way to improve the skill. There are a couple of methods to hold the gymnast. One arm of the coach should be behind the shoulders and the neck, the other arm should push up on the legs until they reach handstand. Another method of spotting is to have the coach hold the gymnast’s legs during the twist on one arm.

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