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Parallel Bars


Swing Parallel Bars


The swing on parallel bars is divided into front and back sections. During the forward portion of the swing, the gymnast should ensure that their body is not piked. As the body approaches the bottom of the swing the gymnast should maintain a slightly arched position from their chest. At this point the gymnast should kick their heels behind them, creating a slight arch in their body. Correct execution of the swing technique at the bottom generates a powerful forward and upward motion. As the gymnast’s swing gets higher and they begin to reach handstand, their body should become straight.

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Perno Parallel Bars

Front Swing Stutz Dismount/Perno on Parallel Bars

In the front swing, the gymnast turns their hips in front of the base bar and directs their feet over it. The swing should be in a diagonal over the dismounting bar. At the same time, the body should transfer onto the single bar as well. When the body reaches over the bar, the gymnast should remain on one arm laterally. At the highest point of the front swing (which should be over the horizontal), the body should be over the single bar, on one arm. The twisting motion over the holding arm continues with another half turn before landing. By the landing, the gymnast should have completed a half turn.

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Stutz Drill Parallel Bars

Kick Backward Arm with Elastic - Imitation of Stutz Move

The gymnast should hold the elastic around the pole with their feet facing forwards. They should turn their upper body to the side and grab each end of the elastic with their arms. The gymnast should pull upwards and away with their arm to simulate the shoulder extension present during the skill. The arm should remain tight and the body straight throughout the entire exercise.

Stutz Drill Parallel Bars

Handstand on One Arm

This skill can be done with the body leaning on a wall, or with assistance. The coach should hold the gymnast in a one arm handstand and twist the body to the left and right sides. The free arm is bent, close to the chest.

Stutz Drill Parallel Bars

Front Swing Perno to Handstand on Mat

This drill is a modification of the front swing perno dismount. The gymnast should push strongly until the body reaches a handstand. The drill finishes in a handstand with one arm on the mat.

Stutz Drill Parallel Bars

Front Support, Twist Around the Arm to Handstand on Wall Bars / Swedish Wall

This drill starts in front support with the feet hooked on the wall bar. The gymnast should walk their feet up the wall bar and raise their body as high as possible. The gymnast should remain in a one arm handstand and do a half turn in order to finish in a handstand in front of the wall

Stutz Drill Parallel Bars

Front Support, Twist Around the Arm to Handstand on PBlock/Mat

This drill is similar to the previous one. Instead of a wall bar, the gymnast should perform it on a parallel bar block. The drill can also be done with three parallelettes.

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