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Parallel Bars


Swing Parallel Bars

Upperarm Swing

In upper arm support, the gymnast’s arms should be bent around 90 degrees. The technique in the front swing starts at the highest point in the back swing. At this point the gymnast’s body should be in a hollow position. Their body should arch slightly at the very bottom of the swing and perform a snap down. On the way up to the highest point of the front swing, the gymnast should maintain a hollow position. From the top of the front swing, the technique for the backswing begins. The gymnast’s body should be extended until the very bottom. Following this should be a kick from the heels while the body transforms into a slight arch.

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Front Uprise Parallel Drill Bars


The starting position is support on the parallel bars. The gymnast should hold a straight body and bend their arms as much as they possibly can. More than 90 degrees is preferred. Finish the skill by straightening the arms and returning to the support position. The gymnast should avoid arching and kicking with their legs.

Front Uprise Drill Parallel Bars

Front Uprise with Assistance

A coach can assist the gymnast with their front uprise through spotting. The coach should place one hand on the upper back of the gymnast and/or one hand on their legs. Gradually decrease the amount of spotting as the gymnast gets comfortable with the skill.

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