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Parallel Bars


Front Pike Parallel Bars

Front Pike Dismount

This skill starts with a strong back swing up to the handstand. Simultaneously, the gymnast should transfer their body over either bar and around the handstand position they should block and flip over the bar. At the moment of the block, the body should be slightly arched, with an open head and a very strong kickback from the feet. From the vertical position, the hands remain and the body rises, creating a V-position. Then the legs continue the rotation prior to the landing. The most important parts of the skill are the blocking actions against the bars during the handstand and a strong kickback from the feet. These two concepts will give height to the flip, and if the flip starts at the vertical position, the gymnast only needs to perform one half of a rotation in order to complete the skill.

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Front Pike Half Drill Parallel Bars

Front Pike Half on Trampoline

A trampoline can be very useful for improving flips, twists, and in this case a front pike. The gymnast should bounce and land in the same place in the middle of the trampoline. It’s very important to twist late, prior to the landing, during the second half of the flip.

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