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An integral part of the gymnastics coaching process is to provide athletes with drills to aid in their skill development. Drills can help gymnasts learn skills faster, and with the correct techniques. Gym Drill Pro aims to provide qualified coaches with a variety of teaching methods which they can introduce in their own training programs. On Gym Drill Pro you can find hundreds of detailed descriptions and accompanying images for every skill progression. This website is explicitly intended to support qualified coaches in their daily coaching processes. DO NOT practice any of these drills without the guidance of proper professionals.

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Swings Parallel Bars

Forward swing is making without hip piking. Body approaches the bottom of the swing in an slight arched position from the chest. Through the bottom follows a kick. Correct performing of the beat swing at the bottom, generates powerful forward and upward swing. In backward swing kick with the heels beginning at the bottom. It causes a slight arch in the body. Prior to handstand body becomes straight...

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Forward Up-rise to Support

Forward Up-rise to Support Parallel Bars

The gymnast should begin in support on the parallel bars. Next, they should perform a back swing and bend their arms in order to bail into the upper arm support position. The arms should be bent roughly 90 degrees. In the first phase of this skill the body should be straight. Following this is a front swing in the upper-arm position. The gymnast should perform a slight kick in the bottom. Their body should go from being slightly arched to slightly hollow. The kick is combined with pushing on the bars from the arms. In the last phase of the front swing the gymnast’s arms should be fully extended while the body is in a hollow position. The skill finishes in the rear support position ready for the backswing.

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Undershoot High Bar

Undershoot is similar to first part of back hip circle. Begin in front support. Kick back strong cast, when the hips return to the bar, lean back, Reaching candlestick position, push back bar with arms, open shoulders and perform back swing. Straight to hollow position body, tight elbows, hollow body position...

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Back Hip Circle

Back Hip Circle High Bar

Begin in front support. Kick back regular cast, away from the bar. when the gymnast return to the bar, shoulders lean back, creating speed to execute circle around the bar. Body is hollw position, hips turning around the bar, tight elbows, squeezed buttocks, shift wrist toward rotation, and finish in front support. Position of head is neutral...

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