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Floor Exercise


Front layout Drill Floor

Front layout

Run forward and jump from the toes, lift your arms up sideways during the hurdle. At the moment of the bounce with bent arms over the shoulders, lower them shorty in front of the chest almost tight and at the same time lean up slightly in a hollow position from the body. Eyes look straight forward. Jump off and immediately kick back the legs from the heels. During the flight the body should already be slightly arched, the head should be back and the arms should spread to the sides. During the landing, the body transforms into the starting position, ready for the landing, or for rebounding. Doing it this way is optimal for front layouts in connection with other skills, and as a drill for front handsprings on vault. For layouts with twisting, the gymnast should perform a different kind of front layout. Instead of performing a low, long, and fast flip which helps to accelerate tumbling sequences, the gymnast should strive for a higher, potentially slower layout. For this modification of the flip, the arms should remain bent during the take-off and stay over the shoulders. The other difference is that the body should be straight, not leaning forward during the take-off. During the flight, the gymnast should be less arched and more straight. The arms should be bent, close to the body around shoulder height. This will allow the athlete to prepare for twisting.

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Front Full Drill Floor

Front Half on Trampoline, Tumble Track, from Spring Board in the Pit

First, the rotation should be assured from a strong set and kick back with the legs. After the vertical position, before the landing, around the last quarter of the flip, the twist should initiate. With time, the twist should begin earlier and earlier. The gymnast should control the timing.

Front Full Drill Floor

Back Front Half Trampoline

Bounce off the trampoline, rotate ¾ forward, land on the back and at the following rebound do a half turn with a ¼ rotation. The drill helps to teach the gymnast the timing of the twist.

Front Full Drill Floor

Backward Half Trampoline

This drill is the opposite of the back front half on the trampoline. First, the athlete should initiate the ¼ rotation back, bounce off ¾ back with a half twist. This drill emphases on the second half of the full twist. During the twist, the gymnast should keep watching the trampoline.

Front Full Drill Floor

Full on Trampoline

When the gymnast gets familiar with the first and second half turns, they should start doing them together in one full turn. The easiest way of performing this drill is into the pit, but can be done on the trampoline as well.

Front Full Drill Floor

Full Spring Board in the Pit

The springboard should at the end of the floor, in front of the foam pit. This drill should be performed after a moderate run. The springboard provides the height of the flip, and the pit assures safety in the execution.

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