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Floor Exercise


Back Tucked Floor

Back Tucked

During the upward bounce, the arms should be raised aggressively above the shoulders with an open chest and shoulders. The hips should be extended, the body straight, with a slight arch. The gymnast should jump strong, pushing on the floor until he/she is on their tippy-toes. During the flight, the knees should lift and bend towards the belly, with a pike from the hips. The head should be in a neutral position. Raising the hips helps to accelerate the backward rotation. During the flip, the arms should be executing a back circle, the gymnast should then grab their legs. Prior to the landing (around horizontal), the body should open into a stretched position.

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Double Back Drill Floor

Back Tucked on Back in the Foam Pit or on Mats

This drill should be performed after a round off or a back handspring. The coach should gradually raise the height of the mats.

Double Back Drill Floor

Back Tucked Back on Resimat

When the previous drill has been improved, the coach should a ResiMat (32 inches) for landing onto a higher surface.

Double Back Drill Floor

Double Back in the Pit by Standing

Fluff the foam blocks in the pit and ask the gymnast to perform a double backflip in the pit from the board, by standing. This drill emphasizes on increased rotation speed.

Double Back Drill Floor

Double Back on Trampoline

The double back should be performed either into the pit or on the trampoline. When the gymnast becomes familiar enough with the flip, they could continue to practice the skill on the trampoline. The athlete should bounce and land at the same place. This is an indication that the athlete did not lean back during the bounce.

Double Back Drill Floor

Double Back Minitrampoline

The gymnast bounces a couple of times on the mini tramp and places their hands onto the obstacle, which is higher than the tramp. After the second to last bounce, the gymnast should reach handstand, then snap down on the mini tramp and perform a double back into the pit.

Double Back Drill Floor

Double Back in the Pit

When the gymnast becomes familiar with the flipping motion, they should proceed to perform the entire skill into the pit from a round off, or round off back handspring. This eliminates the fear and allows the athlete to focus on the technique. The next step is to perform the double back in the pit, but with some mats for a better landing. Add the mats until they reach the level of the floor.

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