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Floor Exercise


Back Tucked Floor

Back Tucked

During the upward bounce, the arms should be raised aggressively above the shoulders with an open chest and shoulders. The hips should be extended, the body straight, with a slight arch. The gymnast should jump strong, pushing on the floor until he/she is on their tippy-toes. During the flight, the knees should lift and bend towards the belly, with a pike from the hips. The head should be in a neutral position. Raising the hips helps to accelerate the backward rotation. During the flip, the arms should be executing a back circle, the gymnast should then grab their legs. Prior to the landing (around horizontal), the body should open into a stretched position.

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Salto Backward Layout Full Drill Floor

Layout on Trampoline

This drill should follow the correct technique of a standard layout. The arms should reach dynamically overhead with chest and shoulders open, head neutral and body stretched vertically to full extension. The gymnast should then lift the hips and legs forcefully upward with no backward lean. The body remains stretched as the rotation continues toward vertical turning over. As the turnover action reaches its peak the chest continues to lift adding to the rotation. The body remains tight and stretched as the gymnast prepares for landing.

Salto Backward Layout Drill Floor

Hollow Rock

The gymnast should lay on their back, extending their arms above their head and straightening their legs with their feet together. Next, they should lift their shoulders and heels off the floor so that the only thing touching their floor is their buttocks and lower back. The gymnast should rock forwards and backward maintaining this hollow position, keeping their arms above their head.

Salto Backward Layout Drill Floor

Support on Elbows

The gymnast should place their elbows on the floor directly under their shoulders. The gymnast should lean forward slightly and squeeze their abdominals, buttocks, and legs. This will help the gymnast become more familiar with the hollow body position. Hold for 10 seconds or more and complete multiple sets.

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