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Floor Exercise


V-Sit Drill Floor

Legs Lifts

In order to perform a V-sit, the gymnast will need a significant amount of abdominal strength. An effective drill to increase strength in this area is leg lifts. This can be executed on a swedish/stall bar or high bar. There should be an emphasis on keeping legs tight and shoulders extended. Arms should be tight as well. The athlete should lift their legs so that their feet touch the bar. Next, the gymnast should slowly lower their legs down to the starting position. They should continue to squeeze their stomach for this half of the exercise. The leg lift should be repeated several times, with the repetitions gradually increasing with each practice.

V-Sit Full Drill Floor

V-sit on the Barwall

This drill is a modification of a standard leg lift. The gymnast should keep their legs straight and raise them as high as possible. At the highest point of the lift, the gymnast should hold their legs in this position for at least 10 seconds. At the end of the hold, the gymnast should finish the lift by having their feet touch the bar.

V-Sit Drill Floor


This drill starts from a sit on the floor. The gymnast’s hands should be placed on the ground at shoulder width. The gymnast should keep their arms tight and lift their legs to a horizontal position. The legs should be straight while the gymnast holds this position for several seconds. Each practice the gymnast should gradually lift their legs higher and increase the duration of the hold.

V-Sit Drill Floor

V-sit with Assistance

For this drill, a spotter should help the gymnast hold the V-sit. Each practice, the spotter should help progressively less. It’s important to give the gymnast the opportunity to hold the skill themselves.

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