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Floor Exercise


Front Flip Backward Floor

Front Flip

A front tuck flip is usually performed after a modest run. The last step of the run should be the hurdle. During the hurdle the arms should be doing a circle sideways, from downward to upward. The arms should finish over the shoulders. The head should be in a neutral position with the body extended, slightly arched, with the hips forward. The gymnast should jump from their toes, with their feet together. During the flight (until vertical), the gymnast should regroup their body. The legs should be bent and moving backward, at the same time the upper body and the arms should be following the legs. The gymnast may hold their legs, but this is optional. From the vertical position (at the highest point in the flip), the body should begin extending and preparing for the landing. The head should be in a neutral position. At the landing, the arms should be bent in front of the chest.

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Front Piked Full Drill Floor

Forward Roll Piked

The gymnast should start in a standing position. They should squat down and place their hands on the floor. As they do this, they should tuck their head down, and perform the forward roll. Their back should roll onto the floor smoothly from the neck to their buttocks. While standing up the legs should be tight with the body at a maximum piked position. The hands should push the ground as long as possible. When standing, the gymnast should transition from a pike to a straight body, raising their arms and finishing.

V-sit Floor


Begin by lying on your back on the floor. Raise your body and tight legs to reach a piked position. Only the buttocks should touch the ground. The arms can either hold the legs or touch the toes.

Front Piked Drill Floor

Front Piked on the Trampoline

The gymnast should rebound at the middle of the trampoline and should land at the same place. The tramp helps with the execution of the skill, because it allows the front flip to be higher.

Front Piked Drill Floor

Front Piked on the ResiMat

The gymnast performs the front piked flip onto a ResiMat. This drill may be difficult to land on two feet, because of this, the gymnast can finish in a seated position. The gymnast should keep their knees apart to avoid collision upon landing.

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