Gym Drill Pro - Gymnastics Skill Drills for Professionals

Floor Exercise


V-Sit Drill Floor

Rocking Back

The gymnast should be laying back in a tucked position with a rounded back. The legs should be bent with the arms bent over the shoulders, next to the head. In this position, they should start rocking backward and forward.

V-Sit Drill Floor

Cheese Mat Roll

The gymnast might sit on the mat or start the drill from standing. The inclined surface helps them to rotate easier, with a lesser push from the hands. Additionally, the mat is squishier than the floor, which can reduce some of the pressure that may be placed on the neck.

V-Sit Drill Floor

Backward Roll on Mats

When the gymnast improves their body position during the rotation and they understand the proper push from their hands, they should perform the backward roll on a flat 4 or 8 inch mat. The benefit of this drill is that it’s still softer than the floor, but removes the incline of a cheese mat which helps the rotation.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.