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Floor Exercise


Front Handspring Floor

Front Handspring

From the hurdle, the lunge should be deep enough that the hands contact the floor while the front leg is in the lunge position. There should be a strong kicking action from the back leg and a strong push of the front leg from the lunge. The general body shape during the blocking action of the front handspring should be hollow. The trajectory of the rebound off of the hands should be well beyond vertical. The kick of the back leg will help to initiate strong rotation. At handstand, both legs should be already together. The shoulders and upper chest should remain open as the hands leave the floor. These actions should combine to create a strong linear velocity and maximized rotation around the center of mass. The body should remain in an extended tight arch and turn over with the feet behind the hips for the take-off of the next skill.

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Bounder Drill Floor

Rebound Handstand Kick the Wall

Lean a cheese mat (or alternative) against the wall. The gymnast should stand in front of the mat and perform a handstand with a strong kick-back from the legs. The scope of this drill is to touch the wall with both heels together, the legs should be together in the vertical position prior to reaching the wall. Additionally, the gymnast should show significantly opened shoulders. The gymnast should repeat this drill until their heels are the only part of their body touching the wall.

Bounder Drill Floor

Front Layout

During the hurdle, circle the arms backward until they reach horizontal in front of the chest. At the moment of the bounce, lean the body forward, kick the legs back with tight knees and open the head until reaching the vertical position. The arms should open sideways and the gymnast should land with their arms lateral.

Bounder Drill Floor

Bounder on Trampoline and Tumbletrack

Performing the bounder from standing is an easy way to make sure the gymnast feels the skill. A modification of this drill is bounder - back handspring in a row. During the performance, the head should be following the arms.

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