Gym Drill Pro - Gymnastics Skill Drills for Professionals

Floor Exercise


Front Tucked Floor

Straight jump backward roll

The gymnast performs a straight jump from standing, laying back and rotating backward onto the floor. During the roll on, regroup and grab the legs. Finish in a standing position.

Front Layout Full Drill Floor

Backward Jump on Big Mat

Jump from a standing position backward onto a Resimat, landing on the back. The jump should be directed upward, as high as the gymnast can.

Front Layout Drill Floor

Back Tucked in the Pit

Jump from standing at the edge of the floor, into the pit. A spotter is necessary for beginners.

Front Layout Drill Floor

Back Tucked on Trampoline

Doing the back tuck onto a trampoline is easy because the tramp bounces, and there is enough space for the flip.

Front Layout Drill Floor

Back Tucked from Panel Mat

You can start doing the flip from a couple of panel mats, and then one by one remove the panels until the gymnast is able to do the skill from ground height.

Front Layout Drill Floor

Back Tucked with Assistance

The coach should spot the gymnast from a standing position. Then the coach can spot the gymnast from a roundoff back handspring or round off whip.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.