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Floor Exercise


Back Handspring Drill Floor

Back Jump on Big/Resi Mat

The starting position is a straight body, bent legs, tight arms at the horizontal, with the head in the middle position. The gymnast jump back should be as strong as possible, with an aggressive kickback from the arms. The scope is to land as far as possible.

Bridge Floor


The gymnast lays back with bent legs and bent arms, around the head. Then tightens the legs and arms together. The gymnast pushes back from the shoulders in order to pass the arms over vertical and to open the shoulder angle as much as possible. Legs are together. Arms and legs are completely tight.

Back Handspring Drill Floor

Stand up Bridge

From a standing position, the arms are tight over the head. The gymnast slowly leans back until their hands reach the floor in a bridge position. The head is slightly open, watching and following the hands.

Back Handspring Drill Floor

Bridge Handstand Support

From a bridge position, the gymnast pushes back from their shoulders and their chest. They should raise their feet above the floor, and lift their legs until they reach handstand. Then slowly lower the tight legs until they reach the floor and stand up with their arms over their head.

Back Handspring Drill Floor


The gymnast performs a handstand on the wall. The body should be arched, slightly before the handstand position, with their shoulder angle extended and their head slightly open. The gymnast should watch their hands, then follow with a snap down move. This move should have the hands aggressively pushing down on the floor. The gymnast’s legs should pike from the hips in order to reach the floor as fast as possible. The ending position is with tight legs in front of the hips, body in a tight hollow, and the arms around horizontal with a closed head.

Back Handspring Full Drill Floor

Back Handspring on Cheese Mat

An easy way to execute the skill in its entirety is to perform in on a cheese mat. The coach should spot the gymnast until they are performing it on their own.

Back Handspring Drill Floor

Back Nadspring on Trampoline

This drill is a modification of the previous one. There is no inclined surface, but the trampoline enables the gymnast to jump easier. As the gymnast improves, a panel mat could be added to the trampoline to reduce the bounciness.

Back Handspring Drill Floor

Kicks on Vault Table

The gymnast leans back on the vault table. With the arms at the horizontal position, the gymnast should execute a strong kick back. The drill finishes with the gymnast hitting the table with their arms. Repeat the move several times.

Back Handspring Drill Floor

Kicks with Dumbbells

From 45° under horizontal, the gymnast raises the dumbbells over and behind the head. Arms are tight. The body is in a hollow position. Repeat several times.

Back Handspring Full Drill Floor

Kicks with Elastics

Hook a bungee around the wall bar (also known as a stall bar or Swedish ladder), the height of the bungee should be equal to the height of the gymnast’s hips/belly. The gymnast should face the wall, grab the elastic and pull it back behind the body. The arms should be tight and the body straight.

Back Handspring Drill Floor

Back Hanspring with Assistance

When the gymnast becomes familiar enough with the move in its entirety, the coach should start spotting them for a back handspring from a standing position. The gymnast’s arms should stay close to the head.

Integral part of gymnastics coaching process are skill drills. They help gymnasts to learn easier and technically correct. With GYM DRILL PRO you will find variety of ideas for the most the basic gymnastics skills. There are plenty of images with skill drill progressions. It is intended to support explicitly the qualified coaches in their daily coaching business. DO NOT practice without the guidance of proper professionals.